Risk Geo-Wiki

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Practical Action and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies together with the Zurich Insurance Group have jointly established a Community flood resilience alliance. Information and knowledge generated and gathered by the alliance is available at the Flood Resilience Portal.


The multi-year academic cooperation will identify and address research gaps on flood resilience and community based disaster risk reduction, demonstrate the benefits of pre-event risk reduction over post-event disaster relief and will improve public dialogue around disaster resilience. In order to help fill this gap, this new multi-year flood resilience program aims to help strengthen the resilience of communities against floods and to develop and disseminate knowledge and expertise on flood resilience.

In particular, we have established the Risk Geo-Wiki in the framework of this project, to act not only as a repository of available flood related spatial information, but also to provide a two-way platform for exchange of information among active partners and stakeholders. Users may visualize available datasets at any location on the globe and supplement this information with uploaded photos or spatial comments. Additionally, users may upload annotated photos in-situ with Geo-Wiki Pictures.

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