SATIDA Collect

SATIDA Collect aims to support humanitarian aid organizations in field-based data collection. In its current version SATIDA Collect provides a simple, quick and standardized way of collecting information about malnutrition, access to resources, food prices, coping capacities and other socio-economic factors although the questionnaire can be modified for the needs of each user. Every assessment includes GPS coordinates and is automatically uploaded to a database. This database allows the export of assessments for further data analysis and data sharing. In addition, it facilitates the illustration of assessments together with satellite-derived data about drought risk.

The SATIDA (Satellite Technologies for Improved Drought Risk Assessment) project was developed to support Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières - MSF). In addition to IIASA and MSF, the research team includes scientists from:

This application was derived from the GeoODK Collect application, which was itself derived from the ODK Collect application. The goal is to have the power of ODK data collection intergated with maps and added spatial functionality.

Main features:

  1. XlsForm/ODK data collection (See for details)
  2. OSM Mapping- Offline/Online Mapping
  3. Point display
  4. Polygon and Polyline creation in survey/form
  5. Offline Layer tiles (MapBox) .mbtiles. (See this howto for details)
  6. Download and updating functionality for offline tile layers
  7. Timelines for historical values based on the pixel values of offline tile layers


SATIDA Collect is currently available for Android 2.3+:
logo android smallSATIDA Collect for Android


Mathias Karner
Research Assistant
Ecosystems Services and Management
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
T +43(0) 2236 807 293