The "Drivers of Tropical Forest Loss" has finished

Our Geo-Wiki campaign "Drivers of Tropical Forest Loss" has come to its end. During the campaign, almost 60 participants have evaluated 150K locations across the world for the last two weeks. In these locations, tropical forest was lost during the last 12 years. Our participants visited these locations using Geo-Wiki and sent almost 400k validations, trying to determine what caused the forest loss.

We will now go into the end of the year holiday recess and when we are back, we will start processing all the data received to produce, together with those participants who had a substantial contribution, a scientific data descriptor paper that shares the information collected in the campaign. This will map the drivers of forest loss in the tropics over the past decade and serve as input not only as part of the ILUC Lot 1 project, where IIASA is a contributing partner, but also for any interested party, as the data will be made freely available

Also when we are back we will start processing all the prizes for those who contributed to the campaign, especially those who provided us high quality data. Congratulations to all winners!

Finally, we just want to say thank you to all the participants. Don't forget to subscribe to our Geo-Wiki newsletter so you can be up-to-date with our latest research and campaigns. Your contribution and involvement is fundamental not only to advance scientific frontiers, but also to raise awareness of the most pressing environmental issues affecting our planet. 

See you next year! Happy holidays!