Completed! Follow-up Campaign on Human Impact on Forests

We would like to announce that our follow-up campaign Human Impact on Forests started on 6th of June. Be part of it, contribute to science and take the great chance to become a co-author in a scientific paper!

Launch Geo-Wiki; then select Human impact on tropical, temperate for boreal forests from the drop-down menu to begin.

After processing the data from the three stages of Human Impact on Forests campaign, we found disagreement locations, where all participants disagreed or only two participants agreed. In this follow-up campaign, we ask you to help us validate these disagreement locations.

You are free to choose the type of forest, with which you feel more familiar and which you would like to classify, either tropical, or temperate, or boreal. The task is to classify 3000 locations reaching minimum relative quality score of 70%, if you complete it, you will become a co-author of a scientific paper! If you enjoy classifying you can do more and get a higher position in the co-authorship list. Please have in mind, that if you have already earned the co-authorship in the past 3 stages, we are not able to offer you another one. Deadline : 23rd of June 2019.


1. We do not recommend you switch among themes (tropics, temperate, boreal). There are minor differences in the definitions of classes in tropics, temperate and boreal forests, however these differences are very important for the final outcome of our map. We want to avoid any confusion.

2. We recommend that you have a look at our updated galleries of images, where you can find all definitions and examples about each theme (tropical, temperate or boreal).

If you are not sure how to classify certain point, or if you have any questions about control points, you can click on “ask experts for help” (or email and somebody from our team will help you. Thank you all for your contribution in the previous stages and happy validation!

More information about the project