Completed! Human Impact on Forests Campaign

To participate, login (or register if you are new to Geo-Wiki) as you click on “Launch Geo-Wiki” in our Geo-Wiki page. Then, click "Enter Application" on the right, and select "Human Impact on Tropical Forests" from the drop-down box on the left. You will be taken through a Quick Start Guide the first time you enter the application. You can access this guide, our Gallery of Images as well as many other helpful resources, from the main interface at any time during the campaign.

The Geo-Wiki team at IIASA is pleased to announce that our new citizen science Human Impact on Forests Campaign starts today, on April 25th. Natural forests are essential habitat for wild animals and that is one of the reasons, why we aim to determine and analyze the disturbance from human activities. The conversion and degradation of natural forests is not only considered among the greatest threats to biodiversity, but also an important source of greenhouse gas emissions.

We need your help to gather forest data for 110, 000 unique locations across our planet. These will provide us with valuable information for developing an improved, accurate global layer of forest management intensity. This improved map will also deliver further information about forest ecosystems, protected and observed forest status changes, biodiversity assessment, and other important aspects. 

With the help of the Geo-Wiki branches “Human Impact on Tropical Forests”, “Human Impact on Temperate Forests” and “Human Impact on Boreal Forests” we will collect information on the intensity of human activities on forests, such as disturbances e.g. logging, and on different types of forest management, e.g. planted or natural forests or short rotation plantations. The campaign will take place in three stages, each stage will focus on different biomes, as follows:

  • 1st stage - Tropical forests (50,000 locations), starting on April 25th
  • 2nd stage – Temperate forests (35,000 locations), starting on May 9th
  • 3rd stage – Boreal forests (25,000 locations), starting on May 16th

In addition, if you join our Human Impact on Forests Campaign, you can win great prizes of up to €450 and earn co-authorship! The top 20 participants for the first stage (“Human Impact on Tropical Forests”) who contribute the most data (measured by quality and quantity) will be offered prizes in the range from 25 to 450 Euros. They will also get the unique chance to become co-author on a scientific paper. For the second stage the top 15 participants will be offered prizes in the range from 50 to 400 Euros and again a chance to become co-author on a scientific paper and for the third stage the top 15 contestants will be offered prizes in the range from 25 to 350 Euros and a chance to become co-author on a scientific paper. We have additional prizes as well and we will be glad if you contribute to science by joining our campaign!