Cropland Capture

By 2050 we will need to feed more than 2 billion additional people on the Earth. By playing Cropland Capture, you will help us to improve basic information about where cropland is located on the Earth's surface. Using this information, we will be better equipped at tackling problems of future food security and the effects of climate change on future food supply. Get involved and contribute to a good cause! Help us to identify cropland area!

Each week (starting Nov. 15th) the top three players with the highest score at the end of each week will be added to our weekly winners list. After 25 weeks, three people will be drawn randomly from this list to become our overall winners. Prizes will include an Amazon Kindle, a brand new smartphone and a tablet.


The whole Geo-Wiki Team would like to thank you all for this totally awesome competition! It was fantastic! And here we are presenting the winners:

2nd Place


3rd Place


2nd Place


1st Place



3rd Place



To thank you all for your great contributions to the game (and to scientific research!), we are adding a special treat during the last 5 weeks of the Cropland Capture Competition! During each of the remaining weeks, we will select one random answer and you will receive a prize! So the more you play, the higher your chances are to win the prize! We will announce the prizes at the beginning of each week. Again, thank you very much for helping us with Cropland Capture!

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