Our results

The following examples highlight some of our recent findings in the field of earth observation and citizen science:

  • Evidence is increasing that smallholder farms make a substantial contribution to world food production. Previous estimates have suggested that smallholder farms make up between 12 and 24% of the global total. However, the new research led by EOCS shows that smallholder farms in fact make up 40% of the global agricultural area. Global Change Biology
  • Satellite images obtained after Hurricane Matthew (Haiti, 2016) were used to simulate a situation post-event. A crowdsourced map of damaged buildings was produced in 1 week (increased confidence after a 3 week period). A quality assessment showed that volunteers agreed with experts 90% of the time ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry
  • Based on a crowdsourced Geo-Wiki campaign, a set of rules was formulated to downward adjust original estimates of land availability for bioenergy production. In some scenarios, it was determined that as little as 20% of what was originally proposed as available land was actually available for bioenergy production  Environmental Science & Technology