Our Team

Steffen Fritz

Strategic Initiatives Program Director

Steffen Fritz is IIASA's Strategic Initiatives Program Director and senior researcher in NODES. Steffen joined IIASA in 2007 and co-leads the scientific agenda in NODES along with managing numerous related projects.

Linda See

Senior Research Scholar

Linda See is a senior Research Scholar at IIASA. LInda joined IIASA in 2012 and co-leads the research efforts in NODES, working closely with the development team. Among other projects she led the Urban Europe funded FloodCitiSense project and the Austrian-funded ADAPT-UHI project.

Ian McCallum

Research Scholar

Ian McCallum is the research group leader of NODES and a Senior Research Scholar at IIASA. Ian joined IIASA in 2000 and is responsible for the overall management of NODES, a 20+ strong group of researchers, developers and professional staff. In addition he works on projects related to flood risk, marginal lands in Europe, biodiversity, well-being and more.

Sandra Brozek

Admin Support

Sandra Brozek joined IIASA in 2019, providing administrative support to the NODES group. In particular, she is supporting the management team with numerous proposals and projects in addition to helping organize meetings, workshops and conferences.

Olha Danylo

Research Scholar

Olha Danylo is a Research Scholar at IIASA. Olha joined IIASA in 2014 with an Ernst Mach Scholarship. Her current scientific interests include the usage of GIS and machine learning tools to analyze spatial and remote sensing data, aiming to improve environmental mapping and contributing to urban climatology science.

Dahlia Domian

Research Scholar

Dahlia joined IIASA as a Group and Project Officer in 2014. Among other activities, Dahlia was the initial Principal Investigator of the WeObserve Project, an H2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for the Citizens Observatories. Dahlia now supports NODES as a financial coordinator.

Martin Hofer


Martin Hofer joined NODES in 2021 to support data analysis efforts on the SATFARM project, investigating climate smart agricultural techniques from space. He previously worked in the private sector and is currently enrolled in a phd program at the WU Vienna.

Martina Dürauer

Research Application Developer

Martina Dürauer is a Research Scholar, joining IIASA in 2013. She is a research application developer, managing the geospatial infrastructure supporting the Geo-Wiki. In particular, she develops and supports the numerous campaigns that are run using Geo-Wiki.

Dilek Fraisl

Research Scholar

Dilek Fraisl joined IIASA in 2016. She is responsible for the full project lifecycle of numerous projects within NODES. In addition, she is leading the efforts from IIASA on the Global partnership for citizen science. Dilek currently pursues a PhD at BOKU in Vienna on citizen science and the SDGs.

Ivelina Georgieva

Research Assistant

Ivelina Georgieva joined IIASA in 2019 as a research assistant. She has participated in numerous Geo-Wiki campaigns since 2016 gaining experience in land cover and land use validation. She supports the NODES groups with a variety of research tasks including literature reviews and project management.

Hadi Hadi

Research Scholar

Hadi Hadi joined IIASA in 2019 as a Research Scholar. Hadi was a summer student in 2017 at IIASA, and rejoined IIASA's NODES team to collaborate on the Restore+ Project. In particular, he works with radar remote sensing and is contributing to efforts to monitor land use change in Indonesia.

Gerid Hager

Research Scholar

Gerid Hager joined IIASA in 2016, to work for the Systems Thinking for Transformation project (SYSTRANS), which aims to promote a systems view in educational practice. Additionally, she was the PI on the GROW project, a citizen observatory for improving soil data and empowering growers, family farmers and gardeners through evidence-based practices.

Anto Subash

Software Developer

Anto Subash joined IIASA in 2017 as an application developer. He is responsible for ICT support in the field of web mapping and application development, with respect to data collection using satellite data or ground based data collection. He has worked on the LandSense and FloodCitiSense projects, developing both back-end and mobile solutions. He focuses currently on NODES infrastructure and modernising Geo-Wiki.

Santosh Karanam

.NET Full Stack Developer

Santosh Karanam joined IIASA in July 2019 as a software professional, He will be developing and supporting software applications for NODES. Santosh has completed a Bachelor of Engineering in the Bangalore Institute of technology and has 10 years of software development experience in companies like Honeywell and DellEMC.

Juan Carlos Laso Bayas

Research Scholar

Juan Carlos Laso-Bayas joined IIASA in 2015. In NODES, he is mainly working with statistical analysis of spatially explicit crowdsourced and remotely sensed data. Furthermore, he is Co-principal investigator in several projects such as the High-ILUC Lot 1, CIMMYT collaboration, ESA WorldCereal and SATFARM.

Myroslava Lesiv

Research Scholar

Myroslava Lesiv joined IIASA in 2014, as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar with a Marie Curie fellowship. Her main scientific interests involve high-performance information technologies for ecology and environmental protection, synergy methods for land cover mapping and approaches to the creation of geoinformation systems for GHG spatial inventories.

Victor Maus

Research Scholar

Victor Maus joined IIASA as a Research Scholar in 2016. His main research interests are geoinformatics, environmental modeling, and Big Data Analytics. Victor has developed numerous R packages utilising satellite information. He now holds a full-time position at the WU in Vienna, but remains affiliated with NODES.

Inian Moorthy

Research Scholar

Inian Moorthy joined IIASA as a Research Scholar in 2015. His research interests include quantitative remote sensing, citizen science, and crowdsourcing mechanisms to complement Earth Observation datasets and processing chains. Inian was the PI of LandSense and leads our external funding acquisition efforts.

Dmitry Shchepashchenko

Senior Research Scholar

Dmitry Shchepashchenko was an IIASA summer student in 1995. He returned to IIASA in 2007 as a Research Scholar. His recent projects have included a full carbon account of Northern Eurasia, Global forest/biomass/land cover mapping, remote sensing applications and managing the forest observation platform.

Tobias Sturn

App and Game Developer

Tobias Sturn joined IIASA in 2014 as an App and Game Developer to design and develop serious games like Cropland Capture, Picture Pile and FotoQuestGo. His interests cover human-computer interaction, computer graphics and all aspects of gaming, especially games with a purpose and edu-tainment.