Our Apps

  • Geo-Wiki


    Our flagship application, providing citizens with the means to engage in monitoring of the earth

  • LACO-Wiki


    A web-based solution for validating land cover and land use maps

  • AgroTutor


    A mobile application designed for agricultural producers providing benchmarking data at the plot level

  • Camaliot


    A mobile application to collect GNSS data on Android phones to improve weather forecasting models

  • City Oases

    City Oases

    A mobile application documenting the usage of open urban spaces, helping city planners

  • Crowd AI

    Crowd AI

    A cross-platform application engaging the crowd to train AI models to detect tropical deforestation

  • Picture Pile

    Picture Pile

    A cross-platform application designed for rapid image classification for numerous machine learning needs

  • Natura Alert

    Natura Alert

    A mobile application to record the damage or loss of important sites crucial to the survival of bird populations

  • Covid Sentiment Analysis

    Covid Sentiment Analysis

    A dashboard for tracking twitter sentiment towards lifting Covid restrictions early in the pandemic

  • Streetlevel Validator

    Streetlevel Validator

    This desktop application provides global street-level imagery for rapid crop classification

  • CropObserve


    A mobile application to gather crop species and management information in the field

  • FotoQuest Go

    FotoQuest Go

    A mobile application to track European landscape changes, sending people to specific locations

  • GROW


    A cross-platform application offering plant information tailored to specific locations across Europe

  • FloodCitiSense


    Developing an urban pluvial flood early warning service for, but also by citizens and city authorities

  • World Cereal

    World Cereal

    High quality reference data for both training classification algorithms and validation of the final products.

  • Yoma


    Help document access to potable and clean water

  • GEOTrees


    High-accuracy ground data for satellite-derived biomass mapping